BET Proteins and T-Cell Function: Joseph A. Fraietta, PhD

The director of the Solid Tumor Immunotherapy Lab at the University of Pennsylvania discussed his research into the mechanisms of the BET protein family and T cells.

Challenging Paradigms in AMD: Gregory S. Hageman, PhD

The executive director of the Steele Center for Translational Medicine at the Moran Eye Center discussed his team’s research in the role of HTRA1.

Improving Safety With CAR Engager Proteins

Paul Rennert, president and chief scientific officer of Aleta BioTherapeutics, discussed the company’s research on CAR T therapies.

Cell Therapy for AML Granted Fast Track Designation

A phase 1/2a clinical trial assessing VOR33 is currently enrolling.

Gene-Independent Therapeutic Strategies for Retinal Degeneration

Researchers are exploring gene-independent therapeutic strategies to circumvent the challenges of gene-replacement therapies.

Expanding the Use of CAR T Therapy With shRNA

The chief executive and chief medical officers of Celyad Oncology discussed the company’s future research and plans.